Help save Hackney’s black bookshop, Centerprise

Centerprise bookshop on Dalston’s Kingsland Road is under imminent threat of closure. The radical bookshop, specialising in black history and literature, has been serving the local community for some 41 years. Now Hackney Council are looking to evict them, arguably with a view to make more money from the property, as part of the local area’s ongoing process of gentrification. The court case takes place on October 15 at the Central London County court.

As the only book shop in Hackney dedicated to radical thought, there will be a democratic deficit should the centre close, coupled with the loss of vital services to the most vulnerable in the community.

The centre is due to host the National Black Supplementary Schools week, providing the eviction does not go ahead. The conference is aimed at raising the standard of black-led Supplementary schools which have improved educational attainment standards of African-Caribbean school children over the years, at both a local and national level.

The conference will be running workshops and seminars on the national curriculum, child protection and development, legal issues, health, nutrition and Free Schools. Workshops and seminars will be led by The Society of Black Lawyers, Black History Walk and many distinguished individuals involved in education and training young people.

Centerprise needs to remain open. Please sign the petition by clicking on this link, or write to Mayor Jules Pipe at to stop the eviction.

For further details contact: Emmanuel Amevor on 020 7254 9632 or, or visit:

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