Robin Hahnel speaking events at Firebox, 3rd-4th September

Robin Hahnel, author of The ABCs of Political Economy: A Modern Approach (Pluto, 2002) will be speaking at two International Organisation for a Participatory Society (IOPS) hosted events at the Firebox in London in early September.

The details of these events, the first on Monday 3rd, the second on Tuesday 4th, can be found below:

Confronting the Ecological Crisis: Understanding the Problems and its Solutions
Date: Monday 3rd September
Time: 7 – 9pm (arrive at 6.40pm)
Venue: Firebox (see below)
What are the roots of the environmental crisis and what are the solutions? Robin Hahnel provides an analysis of the problems an solutions; and  evaluates reforms and longer-term changes to the economic system required to move us towards an ecologically-sustainable society.

Participatory Economics: Vision for a post-capitalist Economy

Date: Tuesday 4th September
Time: 7 – 9pm (arrive at 6.40pm)
Venue: Firebox (see below)
“What do you want in replace of capitalism?” is a constant query put to activists. Robin Hahnel presents participatory economics – proposed as a coherent set of economic institutions that can deliver economic justice, democracy and ecological sustainability.
Robin Hahnel
Robin Hahnel is a political economist at Portland State University and long time activist. He has traveled extensively advising on economic matters all over the world and is best known for his work on participatory economics with Z Magazine editor Michael Albert. He is a member of the Green Party in Maryland.
106-8 Cromer St
London, WC1H 8BZ
(8 mins walk from Kings Cross Station)

The ABCs of Political Economy

A Modern Approach

Robin Hahnel

‘Lucidly written, comprehensive in coverage, based on expert understanding and insight.’ Noam Chomsky

£19.99 only £17.50 on the Pluto site

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