An International Movement for a Participatory Society?

Writing in The Occupied Times of London, members of the Greater London Chapter of the interim International Organization for a Participatory Society (IOPS) explain how horizontal decision making could form the basis of a new resistance and a new world. Prioritising certain values, IOPS was set up to further this vision:

The core values of this new, ambitious organisation were agreed to be: Self-Management, Equity/Justice, Solidarity, Diversity, Ecological Stewardship and Internationalism. These values would determine the vision of the organisation which would treat the Political, Economical, Kinship and Community/Culture spheres as being of equal importance to one another as part of a philosophy of complementary holism. In other words, all aspects of life should be considered in offering a vision for participatory societies, forming a network spanning the local, national and international.

Visit The Occupied Times of London to read the full article.

What We Are Fighting For

A Radical Collective Manifesto

Edited by Federico Campagna and Emanuele Campiglio

Visions of a different society run in the interests of the 99%. Leading activist voices answer the question the media loves to ask the protesters.

“Here are the first flowers of spring: the beginning of an epochal dialogue about the human future. Inspired by the Occupy movements across the world, What We Are Fighting For should inspire all of us to join the conversation.” – Mike Davis, author of Planet of Slums and City of Quartz

“This collection provides a rallying point for all those who resist the dogmas of contemporary politics and seek a fresh set of alternatives. What We Are Fighting For is a manifesto full of urgent, articulate responses to the current situation.” – Simon Critchley, Hans Jonas Professor of Philosophy at the New School, New York, and author of The Faith of the Faithless (2012).

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The ABCs of Political Economy

A Modern Approach

Robin Hahnel

‘Lucidly written, comprehensive in coverage, based on expert understanding and insight.’ Noam Chomsky

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The Will of the Many

How the Alterglobalisation Movement is Changing the Face of Democracy

Marianne Maeckelbergh

Argues that the most promising new model for democracy is found in grassroots movements against capitalist globalisation.

“Maeckelbergh’s ethnographic research has enabled her to write an exciting book-length exploration of the prefigurative democratic political practices of alter-globalization activists. This study is essential reading for all who continue to insist that other worlds are possible.” – John Gledhill, Max Gluckman Professor of Social Anthropology, University of Manchester

“Fifty years from now, this book may well be looked back on as having opened an entire new chapter in the history of democratic thought. It certainly deserves to.” – Dr David Graeber, Reader in Anthropology, Goldsmiths College, University of London

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