John Holloway on Blockupy Frankfurt and the new politics of refusal

Writing in the Guardian, John Holloway, author of Crack Capitalism and Change the World Without Taking Power, writes about the new politics of refusal in Europe, including Blockupy Frankfurt, three days of direct action which start today:

Now, more than ever, the world looks two ways at once. Which way it turns will depend significantly on the protests announced for the days that come: Blockupy Frankfurt on 16 to 19 May, and all the explosions of creative anger that will follow.

One face looks towards a dark, depressing world. A world of closing doors. A closing of lives, of possibilities, of hopes. These are times of austerity. You must learn to live with reality. You must obey if you want to survive, give up your dreams. Do not expect to live by doing what you like. You will be lucky to find a job at all. Perhaps you can study, but only if your parents have money. And, even then, do not think that you can study something critical…

[But] hope glows in the very depths of despair. The basis of that hope is a simple no: no, we will not accept your austerity. No, we will not accept the obscene inequalities of this world we live in; no, we will not accept a society that is hurtling us towards our own destruction. And no, we will not suggest alternative policies. We do not want to solve your problems because the future of capitalism is the death of humanity. Even if capital solves this crisis, the next one will not be far away, even more destructive. We will not obey you, politicians-bankers, because you are the dead past, we are the possible future.

Visit the Guardian to read the article in full.

Crack Capitalism

John Holloway

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The Meaning of Revolution Today

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