Eamonn McCann on Gunter Grass and why ‘The Myths of Zionism’ is essential reading

Eamonn McCann

Writing in the Belfast Telegraph, Eamonn McCann, author of The Bloody Sunday Inquiry and War and an Irish Town, argues that the allegations of anti-Semitism surrounding Gunter Grass’s new poem ‘What Must Be Said’ are “a smokescreen” designed to hide the injustice of Israeli policy towards the Palestinians:

Jews, in Israel or anywhere, have a right to feel concerned when a public figure in Germany presumes to lecture them about violence. But it doesn’t follow that the content of the lecture must be spurious, much less that the lecturer is driven by hatred of Jews.

The American Jewish academic Norman Finklestein faced fearsome wrath when he referred a couple of years ago to “the Holocaust Industry”. But his point was sound: that it is the use of the genocide to bolster and justify the racist state which, more than any other single factor, has besmirched the moral authority of the Holocaust.

Jose de Sousa Saramago is a friend of Grass and a fellow Nobel laureate. After a visit to the occupied West Bank, he referred to settlers “living under the shadow of the Holocaust and expecting forgiveness for everything they do in the name of their suffering … They have learned nothing from the suffering of their parents and grandparents”.

McCann recommends The Myths of Zionism by John Rose as a powerful antidote to the evasions of Israel’s defenders:

The Myths of Zionism [is] a relentless analysis of the propaganda, deceit and shameless invention which lie at the heart of the ideology of the Israeli state. It is as good a book as any for putting the row over the alleged anti-Semitism of Gunter Grass into context.

Visit the Belfast Telegraph to read the article in full.

The Myths of Zionism

John Rose

Analyses the myths — religious and cultural — that are used to justify the aggressive expansionist policies of Israel.

“This is an impressive work of deconstruction with many crucial new insights […] written in such an accessible way, despite the very complicated issues with which Rose deals: such as the cultural and ideological sources of the Zionist narrative.” – Ilan Pappe

£22.99 only £20.50 on the Pluto site

Palestinians in Israel

Segregation, Discrimination and Democracy

Ben White. Foreword by Haneen Zoabi

Argues that Israel’s insistence on declaring itself a Jewish state leads to discrimination, segregation and a guarantee of continued conflict.

“This book debunks convincingly and forcefully the myth of Israel being ‘the only democracy’ in the Middle East. As this book shows, the treatment of the Palestinians in Israel is the ultimate proof that the Jewish State is anything but democratic.” – Professor Ilan Pappe, University of Exeter and author of The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine and Out of the Frame

“Essential reading to understand why there can never be peace unless Palestinian citizens of Israel are granted full equality, something they are systematically denied by Israel’s aggressive, and increasingly unrestrained Zionist ethnocracy.” – Ali Abunimah, Co-founder of Electronic Intifada, author of One Country

£14.99 only £13.00 on the Pluto site

Israeli Apartheid

A Beginner’s Guide

Ben White

Indispensable introduction to the Israel/Palestine conflict, examining the current structures of Israeli domination.

“A very strong and clear voice that does not shun from exposing in full, and in a most accessible manner, the essence of Zionism and Israeli policies in Palestine. In a world confused by competing narratives, disinformation and fabrication, this book is an excellent guide for understanding the magnitude of the crimes committed against the Palestinians and the nature of their present suffering and oppression.” – Professor Ilan Pappe, University of Exeter, Israeli historian and author of ‘The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine’ (2007)

“This book deals rationally and cogently with a topic that almost always generates considerable heat even just with book titles. The reader may not agree with everything that White asserts but it is a highly commendable effort to throw light on a fraught subject.” – Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

£9.99 only £8.50 on the Pluto site

The Bloody Sunday Inquiry

The Families Speak Out

Edited by Eamonn McCann

The story of the longest legal proceedings in British history in the raw words of those most intimately involved.

£12.99 only £11.50 on the Pluto site

War and an Irish Town – New Edition

Eamonn McCann

A Pluto Classic. “An essential reference work for those interested in the roots of the conflict in the North” Irish Post

£17.99 only £16.00 on the Pluto site

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