Voices from the global 99% – new books from Pluto Press in January

A common theme runs through our new books this month. From community organisation in the slums of Manila in Eradicating Extreme Poverty, to oil and violence in the Niger Delta in The Scramble for African Oil, to resource struggles and peasant rebellion in Bolivia in Flammable Societies, our books provide vivid examples of the lives and hopes of the global 99%, and suggest new progressive global policies in the face of economic crisis and climate change.

Eradicating Extreme Poverty

Democracy, Globalisation and Human Rights

Edited by Xavier Godinot. Foreword by Christopher Winship

“This gem of a book gets under the skin of poverty. Years accompanying poor people in four countries in their daily struggle for survival reveal a world far more complex and fascinating than the $1-a-day platitudes of the conventional aid debate. Above all it shows the human reality of poverty: the endless struggle for respect, and against indignity and stigma. Read it to learn what development should be about.” – Duncan Green, head of research, Oxfam Great Britain

“This important publication argues convincingly that extreme poverty is a human rights crisis that demands urgent commitments from states to respect, protect and fulfil human rights for all. The book highlights the importance of engaging individuals directly as advocates for change to address extreme poverty in their own communities and for their fellow citizens.” – Salil Shetty, Secretary General of Amnesty International

£19.99 only £17.50 on the Pluto site

The Scramble for African Oil

Oppression, Corruption and War for Control of Africa’s Natural Resources

Douglas A. Yates

“Essential reading for anyone seeking an understanding of the ‘resource curse’, the global exploitation of Africa’s resources and the troubled state of African politics. Drawing on a detailed knowledge of the region, Douglas Yates does a remarkable job of exposing the predatory forces responsible for the continuing impoverishment of Africa’s oil states – while also celebrating those heroic African figures who have resisted the onslaught.” – Professor Michael T. Klare, Hampshire College, Massachusetts and author of Resource Wars

“Yates brilliantly scales the walls of the oil fortress in Africa and shines a light into the complex politics – local, national and global – of the oil and gas industry and offers some insight into possible routes out of the swamp of failed oil-development.” – Professor Michael Watts, University of California, Berkeley

£19.99 only £17.50 on the Pluto site

Flammable Societies

Studies on the Socio-economics of Oil and Gas

Edited by John-Andrew McNeish and Owen Logan

Critical assessment of the impact of the oil and gas industry on socio-economic development across the world. Draws on original research.

“In their important book, McNeish and Logan take issue with conventional wisdom by reading the varied experiences of petro-states in the northern and southern hemispheres against one another to explode the overly simplified sense of good and bad oil governance. At the heart of these empirically rich and conceptually innovative contributions is a sensitivity to the intersection of petro-state power with territoriality and forms of sovereignty, a heady mix of forces which can produce inflammable political outcomes. Flammable Societies unsettles the field of oil studies by fusing visual, textual, historical and ethnographic approaches into a powerful whole. A path-breaking book.” – Michael Watts, Class of 63 Professor, University of California, Berkeley

“This collection offers fresh insights into the social relations of communities in which oil and gas are produced – from Scotland to Russia and Nigeria – and of resistance to oil-fuelled power. It challenges lazy, catch-all concepts about oil-producing economies and raises the standard of academic debate.” – Simon Pirani, Senior Research Fellow at the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies and author of Change in Putin’s Russia

£25 only £22.50 on the Pluto site

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