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Below are 10 of our most giftable 2011 titles to give you some ideas, but remember the discount applies to all titles so don’t feel limited to just these.

The Lure of the City
From Slums to SuburbsEdited by Austin Williams and Alastair Donald

Short, accessibly written essays make the case for cities, arguing that the metropolitan mindset is essential to the struggle for human liberation.

“Out from under the dead weight of conventional wisdom and eco-gloom emerges a clear-eyed vision of cities that is celebrated in this book: how cities evolve, uncommanded and unplanned; why people move into them, in search of opportunities; and how the intelligentsia has misread them over the years. A fascinating collection of essays”Matt Ridley, author of The Rational Optimist (2010)

“This book opens a debate as it allows the readers to reconsider their own prejudices and preferences.”Will Alsop, OBE, architect and adjunct professor, Ontario College of Art and Design

£17.99 only £10.40 for 24 hours only!

Magical Marxism
Subversive Politics and the ImaginationAndy Merrifield

Breathes new life into the Marxist tradition, applying previously unexplored approaches that reveal vital new modes of political activism and debate.

“Andy Merrifield is original, erudite, politically alive and readable. And above all, this book will be (in strictly the first sense of the term) thought-provoking!”John Berger, novelist and critic

“Andy Merrifield brings us a Marxism that is ‘warmer’ than most recent forms, Marxism as it might have been imagined by DH Lawrence or one of the great Latin American novelists. He wants us to reimagine Marxism without bureaucracy and without commissars. If we can get deep into the ideas themselves, they can be a life force for us. Andy helps us see how Marxism can make us more authentic human beings.”Marshall Berman, author of All that is Solid Melts into Air

£17.99 only £10.40 for 24 hours only!

Penny Red
Notes from the New Age of DissentLaurie Penny. Foreword by Warren Ellis

Selected writings from a prominent voice of the new activist left. Reflections on being young, broke and angry in the twenty-first century.

“Cuts, sexism and riots, Laurie Penny’s fresh and angry voice captures the moment and the important issues – highly recommended.”Polly Toynbee

“Penny is re-inventing the language of dissent, delivering verbal taser-barbs to the left and right, and causing apoplexy among the old men in cardigans who run the British blogosphere.”Paul Mason, economics editor of BBC’s Newsnight

£12.99 only £7.48 for 24 hours only!

Inside Al-Qaeda and the Taliban
Beyond Bin Laden and 9/11Syed Saleem Shahzad

A unique insight into the post-Osama bin Laden generation of Al-Qaeda and Taliban leaders from a journalist who interviewed many of them.

“This is a disturbing book. … Shahzad considers the strategies of al-Qaeda and other radical Islamist movements in terms that are not often heard.” -The Times

“Buy Shahzad’s book. It tells us what the Pakistani government, whose corruption and brutality Shahzad died to expose, does not want us to know.”Charles Glass

£17.99 only £10.40 for 24 hours only!

The Afghan Solution
The Inside Story of Abdul Haq, the CIA and How Western Hubris Lost AfghanistanLucy Morgan Edwards

“A deeply-reported, well-argued and deftly-written account of the opportunities not taken … based on the author’s own deep knowledge of Afghanistan.”Peter Bergen, CNN Security Analyst and author of The Longest War: The Enduring Conflict Between America and Al-Qaeda

“A devastating indictment of the intelligence and strategic failures that have led us into the current tragedy in Afghanistan.”William Pfaff

£20 only £11.70 for 24 hours only!

Decent Capitalism
A Blueprint for Reforming our EconomiesSebastian Dullien, Hansjörg Herr and Christian Kellermann

“Highly stimulating and thoughtful.” – Nouriel Roubini. Sets out realistic alternatives to the neoliberal capitalism that caused the global crisis.

“The authors present a highly stimulating and thoughtful proposal on how to stabilise the world economy and how to make financial crises less likely and less lethal in the future. It is comforting to see such a constructive contribution to this debate coming from Europe.”Nouriel Roubini, Professor of Economics and International Business, New York University

“An important contribution to the post-crisis economic literature which offers sensible, practical and distinctly non-utopian policy options. Whatever policy agenda is likely to emerge from the current financial mess, I would bet it will be based on the principles outlined in this book.”Wolfgang Münchau, associate editor of the Financial Times

£17.99 only £10.40 for 24 hours only!

From Palestine to Israel
A Photographic Record of Destruction and State Formation, 1947-1950Ariella Azoulay. Translated by Charles S Kamen

Beautifully presented photobook, featuring 200 rarely seen photographs from the Palestinian Nakba (1947-50). Includes original text from the author.

“From Palestine to Israel will confirm Azoulay’s status as one of the politically boldest theorists at work in the field of visual studies today.”Jacqueline Rose

“Ariella Azoulay’s scholarship is a rare achievement. Truly interdisciplinary, she marshals material from photography, history and political theory to offer an incisive political critique of the discourses through which we understand Israel-Palestine. The result is the most original conceptualisation of photography, history and politics and their connections that we have seen for a very long time.”David Campbell, Durham Centre for Advanced Photography Studies

£17.99 only £10.40 for 24 hours only!

Inventing Africa
History, Archaeology and IdeasRobin Derricourt

A critical account of how the history of Africa has been understood, interpreted and misinterpreted from the 19th century to today.

“Derricourt explores the use and misuse of Africa’s past, everything from Basil Davidson and Raymond Dart to Afro-centrism and beyond, in an articulate and intelligent analysis that places generations of research and thinking in a broader context. Inventing Africa is certain to become a definitive and widely consulted work for anyone seriously interested in Africa’s past.”Brian Fagan, Emeritus Professor of Anthropology, University of California, Santa Barbara

“Robin Derricourt has written a lively and engaging book that addresses a largely overlooked issue, how have Western appreciations and conceptualisations of the African continent changed through time. With the African past still comparatively little known, or known to Western audiences, this timely work makes a significant contribution to the history of southern and south-central Africa”Peter Mitchell FSA, Professor of African Archaeology at the University of Oxford

£17.99 only £10.40 for 24 hours only!

Palestinians in Israel
Segregation, Discrimination and DemocracyBen White. Foreword by Haneen Zoabi

Argues that Israel’s insistence on declaring itself a Jewish state leads to discrimination, segregation and a guarantee of continued conflict.

“This book debunks convincingly and forcefully the myth of Israel being ‘the only democracy’ in the Middle East. As this book shows, the treatment of the Palestinians in Israel is the ultimate proof that the Jewish State is anything but democratic.”Professor Ilan Pappe, University of Exeter and author of The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine and Out of the Frame

“Essential reading to understand why there can never be peace unless Palestinian citizens of Israel are granted full equality, something they are systematically denied by Israel’s aggressive, and increasingly unrestrained Zionist ethnocracy.”Ali Abunimah, Co-founder of Electronic Intifada, author of One Country

£14.99 only £8.45 for 24 hours only!

The Provisional IRA
From Insurrection to ParliamentTommy McKearney

Analyses the Provisional IRA’s formation, development, and prospects for the future.

“Tommy McKearney’s story is one of those ‘must read’ books for anyone interested either in the struggle within Northern Ireland itself or in the overall relationship between England and Ireland.”Tim Pat Coogan, former editor of the Irish Press and author of The I.R.A. (1970; 2000).

“If we had to choose one person who served in the ranks of the IRA to contextualize the organization’s development from revolution to reform it would be Tommy McKearney. A seasoned volunteer with considerable military and political experience McKearney knows his subject matter. In terms of both left-wing politics and IRA activism he has walked the walk. Now he explains to a wider audience the dynamics behind the IRA and in the process gives the reader a new intellectual window through which the IRA campaign can be reappraised. Any student of the IRA who does not have this book in their library will find their comprehension diminished.”Anthony McIntyre, former IRA volunteer and ex-prisoner

£13.99 only £8.13 for 24 hours only!

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