Solidarity discount on Pluto books for N30 strikes

Pluto expresses its solidarity with all those out on strike today…for the rest of the week we are offering a 10% discount on five of our best books on protest, resistance and alternatives to austerity. Click here to go to direct to the special offer on our website.

As the graph below (compiled from Office for National Statistics figures) shows, the wealth of the 1% and the strength of the trade union movement have always been inversely related. A stronger union movement means a more equal society.

The Rise and Fall of the Welfare State

Asbjørn Wahl

Unflinching survey of the state of welfare systems across Europe today, as they struggle in an age of government austerity and neo-liberal reform.

“With his focus on the shift in the balance of power behind the flourishing and now the destruction of social democracy Asbjørn Wahl has produced one of the best analyses of the politics of the welfare state. He also draws on ideas from struggles across the world for building a new power for democratic ownership of the economy – the only basis on which our social rights can have a future.
– Hilary Wainwright, editor of Red Pepper and author of Reclaim the State (2003, 2009)

“This scholarly and thoughtful yet accessible book is relevant to the whole of Europe and the world. The social model of the Welfare State is one of the greatest conquests in the entire history of human emancipation and the ongoing attempt to destroy it is a crime against humanity. We should read it, learn from it and organise so as to fight back with all our strength.” – Susan George, President of the Board of the Transnational Institute

£18.99 only £15.30 in the special offer

Penny Red

Notes from the New Age of Dissent

Laurie Penny. Foreword by Warren Ellis

Selected writings from a prominent voice of the new activist left. Reflections on being young, broke and angry in the twenty-first century.

“Cuts, sexism and riots, Laurie Penny’s fresh and angry voice captures the moment and the important issues – highly recommended.” – Polly Toynbee

“Penny is re-inventing the language of dissent, delivering verbal taser-barbs to the left and right, and causing apoplexy among the old men in cardigans who run the British blogosphere.” – Paul Mason, economics editor of BBC’s Newsnight

£12.99 only £10.35 in the special offer

Economics for Everyone

A Short Guide to the Economics of Capitalism

Jim Stanford

Accessible, and critical, guide to key economic concepts, relating them to everyday experience. Text is complimented by educational cartoons.

“Stanford is that rare breed: the teacher who changed your life. He has written a book – both pragmatic and idealistic – with the power to change the world.” – Naomi Klein, author of No Logo and The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism.

“Jim Stanford has a unique ability to explain economics in ways that average working people can totally relate to.” – Bob White, Former President, Canadian Labour Congress, and Former President, OECD Trade Union Advisory Committee.

£12.99 only £10.35 in the special offer

Decent Capitalism

A Blueprint for Reforming our Economies

Sebastian Dullien, Hansjörg Herr and Christian Kellermann

“Highly stimulating and thoughtful.” – Nouriel Roubini. Sets out realistic alternatives to the neoliberal capitalism that caused the global crisis.

“The authors present a highly stimulating and thoughtful proposal on how to stabilise the world economy and how to make financial crises less likely and less lethal in the future. It is comforting to see such a constructive contribution to this debate coming from Europe.” – Nouriel Roubini, Professor of Economics and International Business, New York University

“An important contribution to the post-crisis economic literature which offers sensible, practical and distinctly non-utopian policy options. Whatever policy agenda is likely to emerge from the current financial mess, I would bet it will be based on the principles outlined in this book.” – Wolfgang Münchau, associate editor of the Financial Times

£17.99 only £14.40 in the special offer

The Assault on Universities

A Manifesto for Resistance

Edited by Michael Bailey and Des Freedman

Sharp essays take on the government’s agenda of university cuts and fee increases, and outline an alternative manifesto for higher education.

“The corporatising of universal education is one of the most insidious and dangerous attacks on the very notion of human rights. This book calls us to arms. Every student, every educator who cares should read it.” – John Pilger

“This is an essential book. The future of our universities is up for grabs and the manifesto will play a huge role in providing alternatives at a time when the government says there aren’t any.” – Clare Solomon, President of the University of London Union (ULU) 2010-11 and editor of Springtime (2011)

£14.99 only £11.70 in the special offer

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