Laurie Penny reports from the Wall Street protests

Laurie Penny, author of Penny Red: Notes from the New Age of Dissent which comes out this month, reports for The Independent from the protests in New York’s financial district:

The Occupy Wall Street camp, called to protest against what members call “the 1 per cent” of American society who have “stolen all the money” has now been in place for two weeks. Its chosen location is the deeply symbolic Liberty Plaza, in the shadow of the skyscrapers of Wall Street. An eclectic mixture of hardened activists, school students, union members and laid-off workers of all ages and backgrounds have assembled here with sleeping bags, and numbers have swelled to 2,000 after videos of police assaulting demonstrators with pepper spray went viral online.

“Fight crime, not freedom!” chant the occupiers at police officers around the square. After a hands-off week, this weekend’s 700 arrests on the Brooklyn Bridge suggested that the NYPD was cracking down with a vengeance.

Visit The Independent to read the article in full.

You can also watch Laurie taking part in a discussion on the protests on the Democracy Now! channel here:

Penny Red

Notes from the New Age of Dissent

Laurie Penny. Foreword by Warren Ellis

Selected writings from a prominent voice of the new activist left. Reflections on being young, broke and angry in the twenty-first century.

“Cuts, sexism and riots, Laurie Penny’s fresh and angry voice captures the moment and the important issues – highly recommended.” – Polly Toynbee

“Penny is re-inventing the language of dissent, delivering verbal taser-barbs to the left and right, and causing apoplexy among the old men in cardigans who run the British blogosphere.” – Paul Mason, economics editor of BBC’s Newsnight

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Remaking Scarcity

From Capitalist Inefficiency to Economic Democracy

Costas Panayotakis. Foreword by Joel Kovel

Powerful challenge to the current neoliberal economic orthodoxy. Asserts that economic democracy should be the new guiding principle for humanity.

“This book combines theoretical boldness and the determination to extend Marxian theory. It deserves to be read as another impressive product of the global rethinkings of Marxism now engaged in building a Marxism for the twenty-first century.” – Richard D. Wolff, Professor of Economics Emeritus, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

“Capitalist-produced scarcity proves to be an extraordinarily enlightening vantage point from which to analyse both capitalism and its socialist alternatives. Panayotakis’s book provides an extremely scholarly, insightful and well-argued contribution – with ecology and feminism given the attention often denied them – to this crucially important literature. Highly Recommended!” – Bertell Ollman, Department of Politics, New York University, author of Dance of the Dialectic: Marx’s Method and other works

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