Ending the Famine in Somalia

Afyare Abdi Elmi writing for Al-Jazeera:

Unfortunately, the famine in Somalia has killed tens of thousands of people (mostly children) and it threatens millions more. Facing a problem of this magnitude, this is not the time for a blame game. It is the time for action in order to save as many people as possible from the famine in Somalia.

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Understanding the Somalia Conflagration

Identity, Political Islam and Peacebuilding

Afyare Abdi Elmi

Explains the multiple dimensions of the conflict in Somalia and points the way to a peace-building consensus.

“Elmi’s contribution is most effective when it examines the Islamic awakening and historicizing Islam. … [the book] provides useful understanding of an important area.”CHOICE

“A timely, topically urgent and well-written book that adds much to the literature on Somali studies. It should benefit students and researchers in all areas of the social and educational sciences, and it could influence policy development in the Somali context, and by extension, perhaps other parts of Sub-Saharan Africa.” – Ali A. Abdi, University of Alberta

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