Discussing ‘The Politics of Change in Palestine’

Pluto author, Michael Bröning’s The Politics of Change in Palestine: State-Building and Non-Violent Resistance, was discussed on 6th July, at the Almedalen Week in Sweden.

Organized jointly by the Swedish Trade Union Confederation (LO), Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Olof Palme International Center and Arenagruppen, the book was discussed in a session focusing on “Brisk Wind in Palestine”. Following the presentation of the book’s argument, Jens Orback, Director of Olof Palme Center and former Minister for Democracy and Integration in the Swedish government shared his view of how change in Palestine could be translated into political progress. The discussion was moderated by Håkan A Bengtsson, managing director of Arenagruppen.

The Almedalen Week is an annual event taking place in the first week of July in Visby on the Swedish island Gotland. In 2011, more than 1,500 workshops and discussions were held in what has been labeled a “rock festival for politics”.


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