Kieran Allen on TV3’s ‘Tonight with Vincent Browne’

Kieran Allen, author of Marx and the Alternative to Capitalism (Pluto Press, 2011), has appeared in a panel discussion on Ireland’s TV3 Tonight with Vincent Browne programme, originally broadcast Thursday 30th June. The show, featuring Allen, offered a 30-minute debate on the possibility of an alternative society to capitalism.

In a heated and cacophonous discussion, conversation segued between the inegalitarian distribution of wealth within society, the need for economic democracy (additional to political democracy), and the erroneous equation of authoritarian communism with the socialism as expounded upon in Allen’s book.

Browne struggled to maintain any semblance of order over the course of the half hour, hindering the emergence of a substantive debate. Nonetheless Allen managed to make a few points uninterrupted, as well as deftly extracting the usual stock arguments from the proponents of capitalism on the panel -the validity of the trickle down effect; the horrors of Stasi Germany; and the ability of capitalism to provide ‘hope’ and ‘opportunity’ to everyone.

The programme is available to watch for free online, simply follow this link.

Marx and the Alternative to Capitalism

Kieran Allen

An accessible and comprehensive overview of the ideas of Karl Marx that elucidates his theories and suggests crucial alternatives to capitalism.

£16.99 only £15.00 on the Pluto site

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