Dr. Ibrahim Abu-Rabi’

It is with great sadness that Pluto Press has learned of the death of Dr. Ibrahim Abu-Rabi’ on 2nd July, in Amman, Jordan. While attending a conference in Amman he suffered a fatal heart attack, and died, aged 55.

Abu-Rabi’ published many books over the course of his life, including Islam at the Crossroads (2003), Contemporary Arab Thought (Pluto Press, 2005), and The Contemporary Arab Reader on Political Islam (Pluto Press, 2010).

Dr. Abu-Rabi’ was an advocate and active supporter of the Palestinian people, having worked closely with the Palestine Solidarity Network, among other organisations, also serving as Council of Muslim Communities Chair of Islamic Studies at the University of Alberta.

Dr. Abu-Rabi’ had a special interest in contemporary Islamic thought and movements, and the interaction between Muslims and Christians in the Muslim world. He traveled widely and believed that building bridges among faith communities is necessary in a highly globalized world.

He was warmly described by Hamid Dabashi, author of Islamic Liberation Theology: Resisting the Empire (2008) as “a singularly trustworthy source of understanding modern Arab and Islamic intellectual history…Professor Abu-Rabi has opened up a panorama of modern political thought that we scarcely knew existed.”

He will be greatly missed by both Pluto and the wider community whose work he served. We offer our sincere condolences to his family, friends and colleagues.

A full obituary can be found online on the Palestine Solidarity Network blog.

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