MEP Paul Murphy cites David Cronin’s ‘Europe’s Alliance with Israel’ as offering incisive analysis in EU/Middle East relations

Paul Murphy, Socialist Party and United Left Alliance MEP for Dublin, (and passenger on the current Gaza Flotilla) has used Cronin’s Europe’s Allience with Israel to support his analysis surrounding the EU’s role as ‘not-so-honest broker’ in the Middle East, in a recent blog post (June 27th).

An extract from the article can be found below:

[The] EU’s role as the biggest donor to the Palestinian Authorities is often cited to bolster the argument that the EU assists the Palestinians. This is added to by rhetoric like that of Javier Solano who was the High Representative of the EU (and incidentally the man behind much of the strategic drive for a more militarised Europe), who said: “The European Union has never and will never let the Palestinian people down.”

The reality, unfortunately, is quite different. I had the good fortune of meeting with David Cronin, an activist journalist, in Brussels before leaving for Gaza. In the discussion with him and in his book that he kindly gave me on “Europe’s Alliance with Israel: Aiding the Occupation”, this reality is laid bare. It’s important for those of us involved in opposing the oppression of the Palestinians in Europe (particularly those of us who are MEPs!), that we publicise and protest the fact that the EU is complicit in Israeli oppression.

This complicity and support comes in a variety of forms. There is direct complicity in providing the weapons that are used to kill Palestinian civilians through EU research funding for Israeli armaments companies and European Union country weapons deal with Israel. There is also the enabling factor of the EU’s political approach, which is to refuse to condemn brutal Israeli actions and the moves to further upgrade trade relations with Israel on behalf of the EU.

For the full article, follow the link at the top of this post. Cronin’s book is available for purchase from the Pluto Website.

Europe’s Alliance with Israel

Aiding the Occupation

David Cronin

Shows that the EU’s close relationship with Israel has legitimised actions such as the ill-treatment of prisoners and the Gaza invasion.

“It seems to many that Israel is above international law. This important book explores the complex political ties that have prevented European countries from holding Israel to account. It is essential reading for all who care about justice and the rule of law. I hope David Cronin is prepared for the abuse he and his book will incur. All the more reason to buy it, read it and take the discussion forward.” – Ken Loach

£17.99 only £16.00 on the Pluto site

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