Reality Radio interview with Greg Philo on the media’s presentation of Palestinians

Reality Radio’s Open Door programme, exploring national and international issues with experts and activists, interviews Pluto author Greg Philo (More Bad News from Israel, 2011). In an insightful discussion, Greg talks with Kate Hudson about media representation, his work on Israel and Palestine, and the political pressures exerted on journalists.

The full audio is embedded below, or available from the Reality Radio website.

Reality Radio Greg Philo Interview

More Bad News From Israel

Greg Philo and Mike Berry

Large-scale examination of media coverage of the current conflict in the Middle East and the impact it has on public opinion.

“This superb study … is extensive in scope, and scrupulously fair. It will be a landmark.” – Edward S. Herman, co-author (with Noam Chomsky) of Manufacturing Consent

“[The book] covers a lot of ground in a clear and readable manner and is particularly good at airing different views about the Arab-Israeli conflict.” – Professor Avi Shlaim, St Antony’s College, University of Oxford

£16.99 only £15.00 on the Pluto site

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