‘Ricin’ author on Channel 4 News

Lawrence Archer, co-author of Ricin! The Inside Story of the Terror Plot That Never Was, and jury member on the flawed trial of so-called ‘Ricin terrorists’, spoke to Channel 4 News last night about the case of jury members who posted trial details on Facebook.


The Inside Story of the Terror Plot That Never Was

Lawrence Archer and Fiona Bawdon. Foreword by Michael Mansfield QC

The first book to uncover the full story behind the so-called Ricin terror plot, which exposes the extent of government spin around security.

“A refreshing insight into how the government and security services shamelessly seized on an alleged conspiracy to promote their “war on terror”. … The plot never existed and no ricin was found. This is an inside story of a six month trial which provides valuable lessons, not least to budding members of MI5 and the police. “ – Richard Norton-Taylor, Security Editor of the Guardian

“This is a praiseworthy example of a jury, better placed than anyone else to know what really goes on in our criminal justice system, exposing how injustice occurs when fear of terrorism distorts the objectivity of the prosecution process.” – Sir Geoffrey Bindman, civil liberties solicitor

£14.99 only £13.00 on the Pluto site

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