UPDATE: Pluto author found dead in Pakistan

Pluto author Syed Saleem Shahzad has been found dead in Pakistan, two days after going missing on the way to a television interview. Dawn reports:

ISLAMABAD: Journalist Syed Saleem Shahzad’s body was found in Sarai Alamgir, nearly 200 kilometres from Islamabad on Tuesday.

Shahzad was the Pakistan bureau chief of Asia Times Online. He went missing from Islamabad on Sunday evening.

Reports claim that it has been confirmed that his body has been identified and showed signs of torture.

Earlier it had been reported that Shahzad’s car had been found in Sarai Alamgir and a body had also been discovered nearby. However, it had not been identified at the time. Police also reported finding a diary in the car with many contacts listed inside it.

Days before his disappearance, Shahzad had authored an article that alleged links between navy officials and al Qaeda.”

More details to follow.

Inside Al-Qaeda and the Taliban

Beyond Bin Laden and 9/11

Syed Saleem Shahzad

A unique insight into the post-Osama bin Laden generation of Al-Qaeda and Taliban leaders from a journalist who has interviewed many of them.

“[Shahzad’s] work reporting on terrorism and intelligence issues in Pakistan brought to light the troubles extremism poses to Pakistan’s stability.” – Hilary Clinton, US Secretary of State

“When Syed Saleem Shahzad talks, I listen. He is the most fearless and reliable journalist covering Pakistan and Afghanistan, and that’s why his work is read even in the halls of the Pentagon. No journalist passing through Pakistan should miss an opportunity to talk to him and nobody interested in the region, in Al-Qaeda or in the Taliban can afford to ignore his work.” – Nir Rosen, author of The Triumph of the Martyrs: A Reporter’s Journey Into Occupied Iraq

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2 thoughts on “UPDATE: Pluto author found dead in Pakistan

  1. It is a vicious act of rogue mind set which has roots in our society. I fully condemn it and pray for his soul rested in peace and enjoying eternal freedom in heaven. Almighty Allah may burst out his killers.

  2. Being a pakistani, I am shocked by Saleem’s death at the hands of extremists who want to impose their ideology at the guntpoint. He was trying reveal the truth and worked hard to perform his duty. May Allah bless his soul.

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