A great evening with Ramzy Baroud at London’s Mosaic Rooms

Amidst the excitement and fallout from the March 26th protests, we here at the Pluto office forgot to report on a fantastic evening with Ramzy Baroud which took place the night before.

Ramzy concluded his UK tour with a Q & A session on his book My Father Was Freedom Fighter at London’s Mosaic Rooms. Ramzy discussed his father’s life as a Palestinian refugee, freedom fighter and self-educated intellectual in Gaza  – unearthing plenty of moving, inspiring and, at times, humorous stories along the way.

You can watch a full, unedited version of the discussion courtesy of the Innovative Minds website here:

Visit Innovative Minds for many more Palestine and Middle East related articles and interviews.

A report on the event, with some great photographs, is also available at the excellent Middle East Monitor website. They write:

Ramzy succeeded in humanising the crisis in Gaza for the audience, which was part of his intention when he set out to write the book. He explained that although the story was based around his father and his family he had not initially set out to publish an exposé on his family per se but he had simply wanted to use their experiences as a vehicle to put a human face to the Palestinian conflict. Through a combination of humorous anecdotes and tragic tales he helped the audience put the crisis into context at a personal level that was easy to relate to.

Visit the Middle East Monitor to read the report in full and to view the photographs from the event.

My Father Was a Freedom Fighter

Gaza’s Untold Story

Ramzy Baroud

A deeply moving chronicle of the persisting Palestinian ordeal that pays tribute to the author’s father and the men and women of Gaza.

“This book should be read by all who struggle to understand the Middle East and to find passage to a just peace in the region.” – Cindy and Craig Corrie, The Rachel Corrie Foundation

“Ramzy Baroud has written a deeply moving chronicle of the persisting Palestinian ordeal. … This book more than any I have read tells me why anyone of conscience must stand in solidarity with the continuing struggle of the Palestinian people for self-determination and a just peace.” – Richard Falk

£13.99 only £12.50 on the Pluto site

The Second Palestinian Intifada

A Chronicle of a People’s Struggle

Ramzy Baroud

‘Masterful … (A) scathing but heartfelt portrait.’ Norman G. Finkelstein
Comprehensive account of the last five years by leading Palestinian journalist.

“Masterful prose. … (A) scathing but heartfelt portrait.” – Norman Finkelstein

“Few are spared his perceptive eye, and only the morally callous will fail to respond to his pleas to act to remedy the injustice that he exposes to our view, as we surely can.” – Dr. Hanan Ashrawi, Palestinian Legislator for the Jerusalem District

£14.99 only £13.00 on the Pluto site

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