Educating David

Dr Sahib Mustaqim Bleher suggests on his blog, Mustaqim – Musings of a flying Imam, that David Cameron is in need of “an advanced programme of citizenship lessons” following his speech on multiculturalism.

Dr Bleher recommends that the PM starts with The Contemporary Arab Reader on Political Islam, edited by Ibrahim M. Abu-Rabi’:

The book contains translations of various contributions by Arab Islamist thinkers from the Middle East and North Africa, covering the whole spectrum from government appointed scholars to jihadist theologians. It demonstrates that far from Islam being monolithic, there is a lively political debate going on in the Muslim world, below the radar of the Western media and political establishment who, as Abu-Rabi’ observes, write about the Islamic movement whilst failing “to even consult original Islamist sources”, and sets out as the aim of the 312-page publication to come to grips “with the conceptual framework of the ‘many varieties of Islamism’.” Maybe just what Mr. Cameron needs, but seeing he had difficulty reading even the script prepared for him at Munich without constantly stumbling over his words, it might be a little above his intellectual acumen.

Visit Mustaqim – Musings of a flying Imam to read the post in full.

The Contemporary Arab Reader on Political Islam

Edited and with an Introduction by Ibrahim M. Abu-Rabi’

A comprehensive collection of contemporary writings on political Islam from key thinkers in the field. Includes a substantial introduction.

“A fascinating examination of a range of Arab interpretations of Islam and Islamism, including reflections on jihad, Israel/Palestine, and responses to the West since 9/11. Abu-Rabi’s comprehensive introduction provides a cohesive context for these studies. Highly recommended for students of Islamist movements, contemporary political developments in the Middle East, and Islam in general.” – Jane Smith, Harvard Divinity School

“With a clear headed and judicious selection, Professor Abu-Rabi` has opened up a panorama of modern political thought that we scarcely knew existed. The result is an absolutely indispensible compendium on contemporary Islamist movements that no student of current affairs on a global scale can ignore.” – Hamid Dabashi, author of ‘Islamic Liberation Theology: Resisting the Empire’ (2008)

£21.99 only £19.50 on the Pluto site

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